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      about us

      About us

      Hangxiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd

      Constantly promote the development of steel structure buildings in China

      Hangxiao steel structure (Stock Code: 600477), since its establishment in 1985, has continuously promoted the development of steel structure buildings in China. Hang Xiao steel structure edited and participated in the compilation of more than 90 national industry related standards and specifications, and has successively obtained more than 600 national patent achievements, creating a new situation in the development of the steel structure industry: building a domestic representative steel structure housing group, opening the industry strategic cooperation mode, winning the first-class qualification of general contracting of industrial engineering construction, the national housing industrialization base of steel structure The national prefabricated construction industry base... Has established hang Xiao's prominent position in the field of domestic industrial green buildings. At the same time, Hangxiao steel structure has established close cooperative relations with many famous universities and research institutes, such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Tongji University, Tianjin University, Xi'an University of architecture and technology, and has post doctoral scientific research workstations and provincial academician workstations.


      Engineering case

      Beijing Yanqing Winter Olympic Village and Yanqing Mountain News Center (bid section II)

      Jinan Greenland Guobo City Exhibition Center

      Yellow River National Museum

      Lhasa Holy Land paradise Intercontinental Hotel

      China International Silk Road Center Building

      Wuhan century home

      Frankfurt air rail center, Germany

      Angola housing project



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